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New: Support for Multi-Currency AND the Multiverse


Alright, I’m going to be honest with you. Fohlio doesn’t support the multiverse… yet. But, we live in a timeline with talking super genius robots. So, anything is possible!


At Fohlio we want to offer tools to folks working in construction from specification to purchase. Our latest multi-currency support is our next evolution in understanding how the evolving costs of your project by automatically converting all product costs to your currency in the Cost Analysis feature. For a tl;dr: here’s a video explaining most of this email. 

Let’s giddyup, partner. (you can’t see this but I’m in a cowboy hat in a western timeline)

The Slightly Smaller Picture

Let’s say I work in dollars. But, some of my suppliers work in Euros. Or Japanese Yen. Or Mexican Pesos. Or, I might avoid working with suppliers that don’t work in dollars because… it sounds like a pain in the hotdog fingers

But! Fohlio will now automatically convert your project’s currency (whether it’s dollars, Euros, etc.) into your suppliers’ currencies (whether they’re dollars, Euros… you get it) and back. 

“But how??” You might be yelling as we’re hurdled into another universe. 

Set Your Project Currency

When you start a new project, Fohlio will ask you what the project’s currency is. But, if you want to try this feature out now, you can add currencies to your project by going to Procurement Settings like I did down here:

Set Your Suppliers’ Currency

You might notice something magical. Fohlio now will ask you for your suppliers’ currency:

That way, if your currency is different from the project currency, Fohlio can make conversions for you—without you having to whip out a calculator every few minutes. 

Then, every time you’re in the project sheet Fohlio, Fohlio knows that items from that supplier are in the currency of your choice. 

And, if you have any formulas, Fohlio will make the conversion for you:

The Best for Last:

Inside of this cost analysis tab

Fohlio will show you the financial breakdown of your project in your preferred currency—with all the conversions taken into account. 

Kinda ROCKS, don’t you think? (had to sneak in one more Everything Everywhere All at Once reference)

Happy creating!

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Published Apr 11, 2023