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New Features: Group Your Workflow Phases For Even Better Collaboration


Managing all your workflows and team members in one place is now more efficient than ever before: We’ve added better ways to organize columns according to function.

Originally a premium feature, this is now available to all of our users.

You can now:

1 – Access your Project Phases (formerly Project Templates) more easily in tab form.

1 – Access your Project Phases (formerly Project Templates) more easily in tab form.

​We renamed Templates into Phases to emphasize the idea that the best way to use them is to keep track of different project phases.

We also made them more visible by turning them into tabs.

The good news: Phases still work the same way Templates did. That is, you’ll still use them to group your columns according to which part of the project phase they belong.

2 – Group your Project Phase Tabs using Workflow Dashboards.

Workflow Dashboards

​We created Workflow Dashboards as an extra organization tool so you can also group your column groupings. Or make groups within groups. 

Think Inception or Matryoshka dolls.​


​That means your designers can have their own Design Dashboard, in which they can keep their Budgeting, Specification, and Internal Approval Phase Tabs.

Meanwhile, your procurement team can set up their own Procurement Dashboard, where they can have their Purchasing, Order Tracking, and other tabs.​


Neat, huh?

Log into your Fohlio dashboard for a detailed tutorial of how to use Phase Tabs and Workflow Dashboards, get in touch with us through live chat, or schedule a one-on-one tutorial.

Happy creating!

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Published Mar 22, 2020