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Create Consistent Guest Experiences Across Hotels With Design Brand Standards


Enforce hotel design brand standards at less cost with Fohlio. Speak to a product expert today.

When managing FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) and OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment) in different hotel locations, maintaining brand consistency is one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks. As a franchise brand, you want every property to reflect your identity and values, providing consistently superior and memorable experiences for guests.

Maintaining brand consistency can be especially challenging when managing multiple properties in different locations – particularly if those locations span the globe. However, with Fohlio, you can standardize specification and centralize data, making it easier to enforce your brand standards.

Fohlio is  your one source of truth for design, procurement, and specification needs. It provides a collaborative platform for designers, purchasers, and third-party team members, making it easier to enforce brand standards and lower procurement costs.

Here’s how Fohlio can help you enforce hotel design brand standards:

1. Define your hotel design brand standards.

To enforce your brand standards, you must first define what they are. Your hotel’s brand standards should include guidelines for FF & E and OS&E, such as color palettes, furniture styles, signages, and more. 

You can learn more about creating a hotel design FF&E template with our guide.

Learn more: Streamline Your Hospitality Design With a Brand Standards Template

2. Create an FF&E-OS&E materials library.

With Fohlio, you can create a materials library that includes all the FF&E and OS&E items you need for your hotel properties. In fact, every single item you’ve ever specified in Fohlio is automatically saved in your library. 

Ideally, your library should be based on your brand standards and include detailed specifications for each item. 

However, Fohlio has a feature that allows you to create an internal library – meaning, a pre-approved list of items that your design team can specify from when they have to adhere to a brand matrix. It’s essentially a way to filter out products that don’t meet whatever specific requirements you’re specifying for.

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3. Incorporate your brand standards.

Assimilate your design matrix by adding specific guidelines for each item. For example, you might include a field for “Color Palette” in your guest room furnishings section or a field for “Signage Type” in your public areas section.

If you’re already using Fohlio’s internal library feature, you can skip this step. If not, this step is especially crucial for building your internal FF&E-OS&E library. You can filter for items that match the specific attributes matching your brand matrix 

4. Centralize your product data. 

With Fohlio, you can store, organize, and manage all your materials data in one place, no matter what divisions they are. No more having to create separate spreadsheets for doors, tiles, or windows!

Additionally, all your procurement data – suppliers, pricing, terms, past purchases – can also be stored in your Fohlio database. This gives you a complete picture of your FF & E and OS E and whether they adhere to your hotel design standards.

In case you were wondering, this also lets you easily access purchasing information that helps you negotiate better terms with your suppliers.

5. Collaborate with team members.

Fohlio provides a collaborative platform for designers, purchasers, and third-party team members, making it easier to enforce your brand standards and reduce delays.

Enforcing brand standards is essential to franchise management. With Fohlio, you can easily ensure that your hotel design brand standards are being adhered to, providing consistently superior and memorable experiences for your guests, no matter where they are.

Great brand standards management makes it easy to make guests feel at home and create memorable experiences wherever they travel, rest, work, and play. Unlock the ultimate guest experience with design consistency at scale with Fohlio.

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Published Feb 9, 2023